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With the power of AI and decades of experience, we quickly and easily uncover insights, spot trends and make predictions for our clients by turning unconnected, unstructured data into powerful actionable intelligence.

As Good As Gold

In a world where tech adapts faster than us humans, you need experts to provide actionable strategies to ensure you’re leveraging the powerful insights that will help you to win.

  • Brand Intelligence

    Good news, we leverage best in class natural language and sentiment measurement to let you understand how your audience views you, how they react to your content, what motivates that sentiment and who is driving it.

  • Audience Intelligence

    Our audience analyzer uses Watson AI to create psychometric profiles of every follower, influencer and motioner of a brand which leads to a true understanding of your audience and a clear guide on how to engage them.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Want to know where you stand with your competitors? Where you have an advantage over them? We execute comprehensive analysis of your competitors alongside their products and social channels. Starting with a share of voice between you and your competitors, we will then map our their whole social strategy and tactics.

  • Geo Location Intelligence

    Optimize new location placement. Determine total locations a market will support. Identify attractive acquisition candidates. Calculate achievable market potential. Prioritize regions for rollout.

GOOD Stuff we do

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